BoScoDen was a rock group that came to be when Bob met Scott in the waiting room of an automobile repair shop. Scott had brought a book to read which Bob noticed and though the book was on an extremely esoteric subject Bob had studied just about every thing that had ever been published on that subject. Bob also had never met anyone else who was the least bit interested in that subject. As Bob was expressing his thrill at finding someone else in the world who had an interest in that esoteric subject he blurted out another of his lifelong desires with these words, "You'd be perfect if you played bass guitar". Scott responded by saying,"I can play sixteenth notes on the guitar sloppily at 140bpm." Bob did the math quickly in his head and realized the piece he needed speed on was the song "Escape From New Hampshire" which, though it ran 160bpm, only required the bass player to play eighth notes at that tempo. Eighth notes at 160bpm is equivalent to sixteenths at 80bpm; downright lethargic. They arranged a jam and Scott brought denis and thus BoScoDen was formed.

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